Mind blowing facts about animated infographics

Remember back in school, when your Geography teacher wrote mind-numbing facts about oxbow lakes, meandering rivers and water tables. Chalk onto blackboard, if you are a dinosaur like me, or OHP acetates that were actually formed during the Big Bang. Info was fed to us in the most dry, boring and static way possible.

Life moved on and PPTs took center stage for breaking peoples spirit during sales conferences (WHAT! YOU CAN MAKE THE WORD REVOLVE IN!!)  but it was just an easy way of livening up what is essentially boring old facts and stats.

In the age of video and animation, things have moved on significantly.  Today, we can create our own environments in which to house our information – our imagination is literally our only limitation.

The reasons we do this are many. More often that not, we want our audience to be unequivocally clear about what it is we are selling them. What better way than to draw it for them, spell it out, simplify it, make it beautiful and engaging, singing, dancing and jumping off the web page. Viewers find animation palatable and enjoyable, and audiences appreciate clever and quirky design. FACT is, audiences would rather watch an animated film, EVEN IF IT IS ANIMATED TEXT, than read a web page full of text. Stands to reason, who doesn’t love cartoons?

We recently saw a fabulous film made for fuel giant BP – you can see it here. It’s a perfect example of how these films can work – boring in a report, amazing in a clever, bang-on-brand animation. Clearly, this is has cost a few quid. What is worth pointing out here, is that these style of films DO NOT have to be big budget to be effective. Check out the sweet moves on this little beauty – for an American real estate company, NOT BP fuels… http://vimeo.com/33812159

As long as there is a message to deliver, animation can create a film that is so much more than a chalky blackboard.

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