Top 4 predictions for video marketing in 2019

It’s a new year! The dec’s may be down and my clothes may be tighter, but I’m eager for the year ahead and what it may mean for the video briefs we will be working on this year.

So, get your notepad out, your video marketing strategy up on your screen and grab yourself a cup of tea, because here are my 2019 video marketing predictions, so you know what to plan for.

1) Video content will start to be optimised for voice search

Although still in its infancy, voice search technology is improving all the time. Google Assistant already includes a smart display which allows you to watch and search for video content.

12% of all Google Searches are mobile voice searches and it’s only predicted to rise. I expect that video content will need to start being optimised accordingly. That’s more “How-to” videos, more conversational scripts, more localised meta data and more interactive video to enable consumers to find out about and buy a product all in one search.

You can read more detail on optimising for voice search here.

2) Video content will become more interactive

With businesses and brands under pressure to create specific, tailored experiences for their customers, I predict that videos will start to become more interactive and shoppable in 2019.

That’s more videos with embedded links and hotspots to product and e-commerce shopping basket pages. More videos that offer branching, to allow viewers to choose the outcome of the video and more videos with integrated call to actions, quizzes or polls.

Ted Baker’s Christmas campaign video is a perfect example of a shoppable video in action.

Interactive video example

Ted Baker’s shoppable video in action

3) More video for internal corporate comms

We saw a definite rise in 2018 in the briefs we received for internal communications videos. With more and more companies pushed to improve productivity and efficiency and with more than 54% of HR professionals now stating employees expect to see internal comms videos, I predict that this will be a growing trend for 2019

Whether it’s training videos, product demos to support sales teams, welcome videos, strategic mission videos to open corporate conferences, or live streaming of conferences to the global organisational network, internal videos that focus on educating and encouraging teams I think will be the next big trend in video creation.

4) High quality video will stand out

Today, smartphones are equipped with some of the best video recording technology ever made. Couple that with video editing software becoming more and more accessible and it means anyone can make a video anytime, anywhere. As a result, I foresee that businesses will start venturing more into DIY video.

While DIY video certainly has a place, it means the more creative, thoughtful, and high-quality videos, will have more stand out with consumers.


If you are looking at your video marketing strategy and want to get ahead of these trends, give me or the team a call and we’d be happy to chat more.

Let’s see what the next 12 months brings!


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