August 2019


There are many excellent reasons to create a short film. Not only are they easier to let your creativity run wild in a short space of time, but they allow you to experiment without the large costs associated with larger productions – they’re also good practice for novel filmmakers. But how do you go about[…]

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Whether you’re an expert filmmaker or a novice camera user, there is always the ability to improve your filming and photography skills. Here we’ll run down 10 of the best camera techniques to bring your shots to life. 1.    Steady On A wobbly shot can ruin what would have otherwise been a great image. Wobbling[…]

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The glitz and glamour of Hollywood is not as far away as you think. The UK has an astounding number of film locations, many right on our doorstep. We’ve collated the highest-grossing blockbusters that have taken advantage of the ample and assorted locations throughout Surrey and Hampshire. Who knew video production in Hampshire and Surrey[…]

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