Bring human emotions to life on screen for Back Story

We love the challenge of bringing human emotion to life on the screen. And it’s even better when it’s for another local business that wants to work with a video production company right on their doorstep.

That’s exactly what happened with a very moving project for Back Story (, a brilliant concept from our client, Damian Bailey. Based on the long-running and very successful Desert Island Discs concept, Damian captures family memories and stories, set to the soundtrack of favourite music, through a combination of pre-interview prompts and planning and a two-hour relaxed and informal interview, recorded and edited into a unique life-story for future generations. He asked us to showcase this concept in a short Youtube video – with a film that captures the real feelings, empathy and emotional impact that this personal story-telling reveals.

“We love opportunities like this”, says Matt , From the Hip’s Head of Production. “We wanted to capture the genuine emotion behind Back Story, showcasing both the development of the life-story and how families respond when they see the finished product. Making sure everyone was comfortable with us in the room was vital, because it allowed us to capture the genuine reactions – including the poignant pauses – of everyone involved. So the finished film doesn’t just show what Back Story is – it shows the feelings and emotions it evokes.”

“From the Hip delivered!”

Damian Bailey found the process quite emotional himself. “As From The Hip are on my doorstep, we could easily build a relationship, and that was important to me because Back Story is all about relationships and what people mean to each other. That’s why I didn’t want a ‘practical summary’ of Back Story, I wanted something with far more impact. Dan, Matt and the team were brilliant at understanding my brief and putting the families at ease so that we could very quickly capture the essence of the project. I am delighted with the results – and yes, it brings to a tear to my eye when I watch it!”


All our video production projects give us a buzz – from product ‘how to’ films to corporate overview videos – and this is no exception. It is a fantastic way to showcase a local company delivering a top-tier service with brilliant results.


Here’s the Back Story video and for more examples of our work click here:

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