Little Dudley House – Cinema Advert


A standout Cinema Advert

We produced a stunning Cinema advert for local small business restaurant Little Dudley House, there goes our diet…

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The Challenge.

LDH wanted a Cinema Advert created on a modest budget, that would tempt new visitors through the doors of the restaurant, and encourage previous diners to return, building the awareness and reputation of the already popular restaurant

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The Solution.

A popular and prominent restaurant in Dorking, LDH approached us to create an advert to be shown in their local cinema. They had a 25 second slot, but wanted to avoid the traditional shonky local cinema adverts of old. We used the power of slo-mo with our in-house HD cinema cameras to create a mouthwatering foodie advert, showing the quality of the food, wine and atmosphere at the restaurant. The client wanted a heartbeat soundtrack to get the pulse racing. The restaurant was completely thrilled with the result, and experienced an increase in both first-time visitors and return diners, plus greater overall awareness of the restaurant in Dorking, Surrey

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Client Little Dudley House

Date Summer 2016

Type Advert

The restaurant had a very limited budget. We used internal restaurant staff to act as diners within the film to keep costs low. Combined with using a self-shooting director and our in-house cinema HD camera and a little up-front pre-production, the film was brought in under budget and completely exceded the restaurants expectations. We are experienced in fitting our production values around clients budgets, but we never compromise on the quality of our video production

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