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We are a video production company working for clients in Hampshire that connects people to your brand through meaningful stories. We use a variety of visual content such as video and photography to tell your story in a compelling way. Powerfully connecting people to you and your message.

Check out our range of video production services in Hampshire below, servicing anywhere from Winchester to Basingstoke, to Portsmouth and the New Forest, Southampton and beyond. You can also check out our Hampshire video awards, for other Hampshire companies that have demonstrated exceptional use of video across their digital marketing. A great video can launch and idea, grab attention or even spark a movement. So introduce your business, brand, company or product and start telling your story.

We at From The Hip are a video agency that has been providing video content for our clients for over 10 years. If you are looking for ways to reach your target audience, our video production services in Hampshire may be what your business needs. The key video production services we offer are outlined below.

Popular Video and Photography services in Hampshire

Below is a selection of the work we do. It's broadly categorised, so if what you are after isn’t there, just give us a call or visit our Youtube channel, chances are we have created it before.

Social video

Having a social media presence is important for any company that wants success in our modern digital world. It’s one of the best ways to communicate with your prospects and clients. A well-made video can capture the imagination of your target audience and even become viral. We offer social video production for Hampshire-based companies that can take the form of anything from product demos to event promotion videos.

High Quality Photography

Still images are still incredibly important for your business and brand. Perhaps you need promotional images of a new product that highlight its key selling points or want to show the process involved in making the finished item (especially effective in food production). You may just want some shots taken of your staff hard at work for your website. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for promotional images for outdoor advertising or for the website, we can help with their high-end cameras and talented photographers. The still photography assets can often be made very cost-effectively by integrating the photography as part of a video production shoot.

Product demos

Rather than just telling your customers about your products, why not show them how they work and why they should spend their money on them? From The Hip offers product demos filmed in our fully adaptable studios or filmed on site in Hampshire. You can use this service to draw attention to specific benefits or key features directed at your customers or to help educate your sales team. Our team can even create vivid and eye-catching 3D animations to help bring the more intricate and finer details of products to life.

Live events

Live events can help generate greater attention to your brand and draw customers in. Live video production can be used to enhance your presentation at a conference or it could be used simply to stream the action for those that can’t attend. We offer a wide array of live event video services in the Hampshire area, visiting you anywhere between Rushmoor to Southampton. We can cover everything from the live streaming of your event to full vision mixing or simply big screen playback.

Brand films

What better way to draw attention to your company than with a high-quality brand film? We’ve had customers in the past who have benefited from our brand film production services in several different ways. While some have required an introductory video for their website, others needed something they could incorporate into the training and orientation they provide for new employees. We work closely with you to ensure we create brand films that stay on message and keep with your company’s image.

Promotional video

Our promotional video service in Hampshire is one of the most direct ways you can benefit from our high-end video content. Get your customers excited in the weeks and days leading up to the big launch of a new product or service, so that they are ready to buy. Demonstrate key aspects and features to really sell its selling points. We can bring customer testimonials to life with talking head-style interview pieces.

How-to videos

Explainer and How-To videos are a great way to connect with your customer base, and potential prospects. There are many instances where video can explain things better than words. It doesn’t matter how complicated your product is, we can produce videos that help your customers use your website, fill out forms and use products. Our green screen technology in our barn studio can be utilised to produce crisp and clear step-by-step guides.


It’s not just traditional video you can get from us, as we have 3DS max and other cutting-edge software in our purpose-built animation suite. Our team are passionate and highly skilled and can produce just about any type of animation sequence you need, whether it’s for your website or as part of your marketing strategy. Engaging logos, captions, typography and title sequences are all possible. As are landscapes and characters. Animation can inject life into information that would be dry and dull otherwise.

Our Studio Setup

Our awesome barn studio, situated on the edge of the glorious (and rather film-famous) Bourne Woods, has a built in, modular kitchen for all video production, food-based or otherwise. We also have studio set-ups, Greenscreen facilities, editing and animation suites, with amazing links from London, Portsmouth and Southampton with plenty of free parking. We also rustle up some kick-ass lunches.

Our Kitchen Sets

Our modular kitchen set changes from week to week, we are able to switch it around to suit our clients needs. Our studio rig can accommodate any camera and lighting set-up for bespoke shooting. We also have a food preparation area, and stylish props coming out of our ears, not to mention excellent relationships with Food Stylists and Home Economists.

Green Screen Studio

Our portable 30ft greenscreen can be set up in our studio for full height greenscreen shooting, or packed into the van for setting up on location. We are able to turn the smallest meeting room into a GS studio, taking the production to the client site when a studio visit isn't convenient

Our Kit

Constantly updated and modified, we are always on the lookout for new bits of kit to bolster our creativity. We can cover most shooting situations with our 4K in-house kit, and have awesome links with hire houses, for when we need something a little more specialist.

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