The Ultimate Brief

Great results start with a great brief

A great result starts with a great brief. We know we are making an important asset for your business and your marketing. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive process to help us understand your goals, define your requirements and ultimately, ensure we all have the same perspective and expectations.

And since we know perfection is quite personal, we’ve called our process the Ultimate Brief because we are confident that together – and using this process – we can achieve the best possible outcome.

The Ultimate Brief Process

There are usually many reasons you are thinking about investing in video content. You know that the end result has to be eye-catching and drive engagement, internally and externally. Of course, being on-time and on-budget is critical for everyone. Plus, there are the more heart-felt reactions like the smile on the face of the viewer or the acknowledgement of the Board that the objective has been met.

Whatever you need to achieve, the Ultimate Brief process is a 4-step approach to generating a quality asset for your business. For us, success is when we’ve developed a hard-working marketing asset which far out-performs its original purpose, and is used in ways never imagined when someone in your organisation says “shall we do a video?”.

The Starting Point

Tell us a bit about your project and then we’ll tell you a bit about us, including giving you an idea of budgets and timescales, which we know helps with early planning. There’s no commitment here – we know you might be shopping around. This is just a chat to see if we can help get things moving.

One Team Preliminary Conversations

We meet face to face (or virtually) to put some flesh on the bones and share our visions. There might be a few of these, so that you feel completely confident with what we do and how we deliver. And so that you can go back to decision makers or budget-holders with a really clear view. As one team, we’ll develop a creative direction and agree on essential logistics like locations, props, scripts and cast, if appropriate. This is also the time we help you see how you might save a bit of money, or use a particular option to get a better result. As we finalise the brief and the contract, everything is clear and agreed at each stage, to give you complete confidence.

One Team Ultimate Brief

With all logistics outlined, and creative routes explored, we’re ready to commit to the Ultimate Brief. Our pre-work together means we have a clear document for your internal use – to give to procurement or finance teams for example – as well a platform for us to develop the programme for a smooth shoot day. Your Ultimate Brief results in a contract that will also be the reference document for our post-production work, so it’s important to be completely happy with everything we agree at this step.

Post Production Review and Sign Off

With all the hard work done, you can leave the editing to us. We’ll work to our Ultimate Brief so that the first draft can be with you quickly and ready for any final amends, approvals and sign off as agreed.

Bring your idea to life

Find out more about our Ultimate Brief process by downloading our Ultimate Brief pack.

Take a look at our Ultimate Brief process in work with our long-standing client, Savencia.

Got a project in mind and curious as to how we can help bring your ideas to life? Make an enquiry.