Business Video Awards of 2019 – Hampshire

With From The Hip offering video production in Hampshire, we are pleased to announce the following 11 organisations have won our first ever Business Video Award for small businesses within this area. 

The winners have been hand-selected for their impressive use of video throughout their websites, Facebook and other social media platforms. All of whom are located within Hampshire.

Below is a list of businesses that, after careful consideration, have been selected to receive the From The Hip: Business Video Award of 2019. 


1.  Solardome Industries Limited

 Solardome has been designing and manufacturing glasshouses since 1995. Their signature geodesic domes have been purchased across the globe for a wide variety of clients. Based in Nursling, they believe in honesty, trustworthiness and fairness and at least 10% of profits donated to charity annually. 

Solardome has seized the opportunity to show off their unique product. Their website and Facebook page offer high-quality videos with a clear overview of what they produce. Incorporating graphics within these videos also explains the technology involved.  A strong focus on customer testimonials gives an authentic and trustworthy review.

Time-Lapse videos on construction as available to give an understanding of the ease and speed in which their domes can be erected. 

Within their testimonials they include both business and personal clients giving a candid report on the construction process and stunning aerial shots give a new perspective on the finished product.


2.  Nix Communications

Providing phone systems, broadband, call recording and more for businesses, Nix communications offer bespoke systems for each clients’ requirements. Their glowing testimonials reflect their core values and they are always ensuring the best services is provided.

Nix Communications have chosen their featured video on the website to portray both their office culture and a range of industries they provide to.

Interviews with staff members also give a more personal touch to the company.

Their Facebook page offers a variety of videos for different means. From user-friendly tutorials of the technology to humorous videos for recruitment. 

Each video is clear in its intent and steady camera work and well-mixed audio, Nix Communications will leave you well informed and with the occasional chuckle.


3.  Meon

From beginning as an import-export agency, Meon are now experts in road surfaces. From airports to sports surfaces, they are experts in all arrears of the industry. They endeavour to provide first-class training to their staff. They describe their purpose as ‘to deliver great surfaces’ and is the reason for their existence.

Meon’s assortment of shots gives the viewer an in-depth look at the company. The use of staff from varying teams gives an insight into the passion and commitment maintained throughout all levels.

Well edited videos show their work in action and give clear and concise video training for some of the services they offer. The use of close-ups provides a vision to these processes the public would not normally have. Each video, instructional or informative possesses an emotive feeling, portraying the dedication the staff has for Meon.

You can see more of Meon’s brilliant videos here:


4. Anya Bridal Couture

Set in an exquisite converted barn in Droxford, Anya Bridal Couture offers the VIP treatment any bride-to-be deserves. Stocking a host of luxury designer gowns and accessories that have all been handpicked to guarantee a wide selection. Staff provide a professional and friendly one-on-one service to all clients to help find the perfect dress for the big day.

Taking advantage of the extensive natural lighting the premises has to offer, Anya Bridal Couture’s feature video gives an absolute picture of what clients can expect when visiting the boutique.

Their Facebook page keeps clients in the loop with upcoming fashions and new-in stock. Video walkthroughs of the studio give an air of familiarity and clever lighting ensures each and every sparkle is picked up and enhanced. 


5. Butser Ancient Farm

Describing themselves as one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the UK, Butser Ancient Farm is a not-for-profit organisation. Originally a concept for archaeologists to test theories on how an ancient farm would work, it now educates children and adults in age-old practices with many of the staff made up from volunteers.

The farm’s website video features an accurate portrayal of what a typical visit can include and visitors of many ages enjoying what is on offer The use of traditional music gives an authentic ambience to the location.

  Educational videos are available through their Facebook page, the use of text aids in explaining the ancient techniques and processes. Time-Lapse videos are also in use to show the long and arduous processes staff have gone through to provide such accurate features to the farm.


6. Smith Newmans

Experienced accountants, business and tax advisors, Smith Newmans have been operating for over 25 years with offices based across the country, including Hampshire. They offer services for both business and personal clients and truly believe in building strong relationships with them.

The company video uses a good mix of one-on-one interviews with senior staff, concise information on the services the company provides, and how they are contributing to the local community.

Smith Newmans waste no time getting their point across. Without the use of graphics and complicated scenes, they are able to depict their brand and ethics within minutes.


7. Paris Smith LLP

Founded in Hampshire, Paris Smith LLP offers a range of service from their 43 partners and 200 staff. They commit to ensuring their staff reach their full potential and can develop, which subsequently leads to strong customer satisfaction. From conveyancing to personal injury, they have specialists in most fields.

Managing Partner Peter Taylor provides a voiceover to an animated video that provides a simple breakdown on how the company works and their core values. Using simple and well-coordinated graphics assist the viewer with a straightforward breakdown in the service they can expect.

They feature a number of interviews with other businesses and charities shot at their 200th-anniversary party which gives the perfect backdrop to advocate the company. A 4-minute video of their 200 years in business shows-off an impressive timeline with visuals throughout the last two centuries.


8. SLS Laundry Service

Offering everything a business would require in relation to laundry. SLS Laundry Service stock appliances from washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and even rotary irons. Their website offers a look into case studies for some of the most prestigious buildings in the country and how they provide a precise service for each one.

A carefully constructed video, shot over several locations gives the ideal glimpse into the company and their beliefs.

Client testimonials provide brand confidence and the intelligent use of brand placement from prestige clients, even if just for a brief moment bestows a high status to SLS Laundry Services.


9. Boulder Shack

Activities range from children’s’ parties to fitness classes. Boulder Shack has an array of indoor climbing enjoyment. An entertaining way to delight in a new hobby and keep fit, they welcome climbers of all ages and abilities to come and have a go. Their climbing walls differ from the standard ones most are used to and gives a unique adventure.

Their Facebook offers videos of staff members using the walls with what appears to be very little effort. Solid depictions of what can be achieved with customer commitment and their services. They also use this platform to provide quick customer information and updates.

Boulder Shack’s website boasts a short video promoting the competition and similar events held at the venue. It gives a clear message on what to expect from the day and a feel of the atmosphere.


10. Laverstoke Park Farm

An organic/biodynamic farm in Overton. The farm’s aim is to become self-sufficient while providing the best-tasting, healthiest food. The rear water buffalo and sheep while also producing buffalo dairy products, black pudding, wine, pet food, and compost. Onsite it hosts The Laverstoke Park Education Centre with visits free of charge.

With the public more concerned over their health than ever before, Laverstoke Park Farm make sure to give an insight into exactly how their produce is farmed and made. With picturesque scenery used to enhance the care of the animals, to well-lit produce rooms with a feel of cleanliness, the farm certainly shows their values well.

Frequent social media updates give a look into the wellbeing of the livestock and reinforce the key values of the founder. The shots of ice cream being hand-packed are certainly enough to entice get viewers’ mouths watering.


11. Benefex 

Founded in 2003, founder Matt Macri-Waller noted that it is not just benefits that contribute to the employee experience. Benefex Holdings works with 100 organisations worldwide to alleviate hassle for employees in the workplace, from constructing easy to use communication systems to HR.

Client testimonials are a valuable asset to any business and Benefx has certainly honed in on this. In addition, the branding of ‘Two minutes with….’ video section gives the viewer exactly what they expected, two minutes with varying staff members to give an overview as to what is on offer.

Benefex also created a more engaging way of presenting their ‘1 Year of Recognition’, using captivating music and easy-to-read graphics, they give an appealing insight.

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