Business Video Awards of 2019 – Surrey

We are pleased to announce the following 10 organisations have won our first-ever Business Video Award for small businesses within the local area. 

The winners have been hand-selected for their impressive use of video throughout their websites, Facebook and other social media platforms. All of whom are located within Surrey. 

Below is a list of businesses that, after careful consideration, have been selected to receive the From The Hip: Business Video Award of 2019. 


1. Stoneman Funeral Service

 Founded in 1865 and based in Redhill, Stoneman Funeral Service offers a wide variety of services to cater to all needs. They stand by the belief that each funeral service should be as unique as those who have passed away and take a considerate approach to those grieving.

With such a sensitive subject matter, it is important to give the right tone to all elements of the website. Stoneman Funeral Service mixes peaceful and reflective music with a very respectful view on what to expect on the day of the funeral.

A mix of historical and modern elements carefully tie in the history of the business. Each scene is considerate and humble and gives emphasis on their approach. The videos were created by Jen De Berigny.


2. 4D Data Centres

The award-winning UK data centre, 4D provides ultra-fast connectivity alongside cloud and cyber solutions to businesses worldwide. Founded in 1999, they strive to provide affordable and efficient services, with a strong focus in Healthcare, Finance, Accountancy, and Law. Continually investing time in research and development at their Head Office in Byfleet.

Sophisticated tech-talk broken down into easy-to-understand videos. Each video is roughly 1-3 minutes long and uses visual throughout for a better understanding. Angle changes and background music keep the viewer entertained.

Tips on IT are subtitled making videos friendly to the hard of hearing or mobile users unable to use sound on the go. Integrating these videos to include the brand help to raise product awareness without the need to bombard the public with advertising.


 3. The Company of Animals

Originally founded by Dr. Roger Mugford, a renowned animal psychologist. Based in Chertsey, The Company of Animals are Surrey’s number 1 training and behaviour centre for dogs. They also stock a range of products to help you train our beloved canine companion online and in selected stores.

Many pet product purchases come with a leap of faith as we can never be sure how our dogs will react. The Company of Animals showcases products in their videos, using text to list their key features. High-quality shots show products being used on varying breeds of dog to display their versatility.

A video demonstrating their story and values, as told by Dr. Roger Mugford uses differing scenery and staff members advocating the products. The video gives a feeling of trust in the brand and shows the real passion for animal welfare.


4. Ingenie Service Limited

 Ingenie Service Limited specialise in learner and young driver insurance. Under 25s are often subject to higher costs, Ingenie Service Limited is striving to change this and ensure a fair price for good drivers, no matter the age. They also offer peace of mind to parents with their helpful online guide.

The use of video explains why young drivers are often charged more, using a younger voiceover gives relatability to the target audience. Terminology is broken down for the viewer to ease the understanding.

Using animation simplifies what can be a complex subject and breaks down the information into bite-size chunks. They also inject humour into their social media pages to target the younger audience.


5. Crossroads Care Surrey

With 118,000 unpaid Carers in Surrey alone, Crossroads Care Surrey provides support to Carers throughout the county. Their services include respite care, social clubs, and self-funded respite package, all in aid to improve the quality of life of unpaid Carers. They also offer End of Life services in partnership with the NHS.

The use of real Carers in their videos gives first-hand experience on how the charity benefits them. Videos on this subject area can often leave a viewer feeling upset or distressed. Crossroads Care Surrey instead focuses on the joy they bring to people.

Statistics are shown on-screen alongside footage of their work in action and the use of music gives a feeling of optimism and hope.


6.  The Sculpture Park

Set in 10 acres of picturesque woodland in Farnham, The Sculpture Park is described as Britain’s most eclectic and atmospheric sculpture exhibition. Opening its doors over 15 years ago the park showcases over 650 pieces along a 2-mile trail. Most of the art is for sale and the exhibitions are constantly changing.

Crossing between its website and social media platforms, the park ensures the true atmosphere of the park is shown in their video. The use of drone footage gives a feel that traditional methods are unable to portray.

Panning camera angles show views of the sculptures not achievable through a photo. Their Facebook displays videos from the local wildlife, offering a different subject area entirely. 


7. Bruce’s Doggy Day Care

Bruce Casalis founded his dog day care business after moving from Australia to London. Aspiring to own his own business since the age of 20, Bruce naturally combined his passion for business and dogs. Spread over 2 sites in Cobham and Oxshott, Bruce’s Doggy Day Care offers top-class day care for canine companions.

The featured video contains stunning drone shots of the sites, giving a quick and easy view on where the dogs will be each day. Interviews with staff and owners, featuring the dogs, shows the passion and satisfaction throughout the company.

Charming videos of the dogs involved in daily activities mixed with delightful music set the atmosphere for what we would expect from a business like this: happy dogs and happy people.


8. Branston Adams

 Accountants based in Farnham, Branston Adams strive to provide down-to-earth accountancy in a professional and ethical manner. Catering to both business and personal clients, they tailor their services to each individual need. They value themselves as always acting in their clients’ best interest.

Engaging viewers with their advice videos, Brandston Adams use photos and graphics to support their information. These videos are kept concise and easy to follow and offer ‘food-for-thought’ that can ultimately help potential clients choose if they are the correct service or not.

Humour is injected into many of their vlog posts, proving accounting is not as dreary as it once was. Networking events are also documented in short videos with an overview of how this benefits many.


9. Surrey Scorchers Basketball Team

Guildford’s basketball teams established in 2005 and owned by Surrey Sports Park since 2015, Surrey Scorchers are formed of players from the UK and the USA. Alongside competing, they also offer junior courses, sessions, and holiday camps and promote the ‘Basketball for All’ projects that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle for children.

Basketball game highlights are frequently created with all the camera work one would expect from a well-known sports channel. Commentary keeps the viewer engaged and up-to-date with the action.

Interviews are shared with players and couches in a series called ‘Open Access’. Between 10-15 minutes long, these have been well edited to include a variety of shots, with the sounded mixed well to include voiceovers alongside games and practice.


10. Memset

Based in Cranleigh and proudly family founded and run, the cloud provider Memset has become one of the UK’s leading providers within its 15 years in business. Ensuring security is a core element, they strive to provide excellent customer service for clients of varying data usage.

Their videos focus on animation to get information across. Professional voiceover work teamed with impressive graphics generates intriguing material. In-depth company information with testimonials from current clients means their video presence is a valuable tool and contributes to building the brand.

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