Why you should be making product ‘how to’ videos

Explainer videos are a big thing. Every company that wants to be ahead of the game is commissioning short, useful video content that helps customers to understand and use the product they’ve bought.

Big brands like De’Longhi and Kenwood use explainer videos to help customers make the most of their kitchen products. And smaller businesses create videos to help people build flat-pack furniture or show how to maintain or even mend products when they need to.

Just think about it. When you ordered something recently, did it come with a YouTube link to an instructional video? If you’re not sure about how to do something, do you Google a video to help you out?

These are explainer videos – and they are fast becoming valuable and essential content for anyone who has a product to sell. They are a fast and accessible way for brands to improve their customers’ experience with their products.  So, why should you consider this for your business?

  • Better customer experience – a good quality video enhances your customer’s experience with your company. It helps to build a better relationship and shows them that you want life to be as easy as possible.
  • Accessible content – it’s often much easier for people to learn by watching than by reading instructions.
  • Good for SEO – good quality, well-tagged video content is great for search engines, so the best ‘how to’ videos can boost your search credentials.
  • Reduces product returns – people are quick to return stuff if they can’t figure it out easily. A good video gives them confidence and reduces the number of returns.
  • Increases great feedback – we’re all after those five-star reviews. Instead of people being frustrated with your product, they’re going to be shouting about how great it was to have an instruction video and how it made them order ten more products.
  • Saves time and money – believe it or not, quite a lot of product customer service questions are about how the product works, how to use certain settings and how to get the best results. So why not take the burden off your customer service team and put together a series of quick, helpful videos? You’ll save time and money on your support service.

One shoot, lots of videos, less spend

We can show you how to make a tutorial video that as well as all the above, also boosts your brand reputation, gives your customers loads of confidence, encourages them to review and recommend you and hopefully brings them back for more.

With just one shoot – either at our studios, at your site or on location – we can put together a range of professional, helpful explainer videos that you can link to with every product. Our post-production skills mean we can create a range of videos to sit permanently on your video channel and website, and used to promote your product on social media.

How do we do it? We use our Ultimate Brief process to nail the content and style from day one – so you’re getting exactly what you want, and you have a great time doing it.

Working with From The Hip means your films will be completely on brand, and helps you to get the very most from your budget – you’ll get stacks of useful footage without compromising on quality.

We think you’ll make a great return – from savings within your business and increased sales too. So why not talk to us about getting started?

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