Our Work with Kenwood

‘A Distinctive Approach’

There’s no better endorsement than a client who keeps returning. Especially in an industry where there are plenty of suppliers. We have a 10-year history with award-winning brand Kenwood based on solid teamwork and our most recent project for them was a ‘features and benefits’ video for the company’s new Abbey Lux kettle and toaster set.

Kenwood wanted a creative and lifestyle driven feel for a film that would encourage engagement across their social media platforms. Since this was a distinctive approach to their traditional product videos, our tight briefing process and ‘one-team’ approach really helped to develop the brief and create a good deal of trust, ensuring we got the delivery right, on time and within budget.

Ultimately, it starts with the brief

Our challenge was to deliver a lifestyle-based direction, targeting a young, design conscious target market, while staying within core Kenwood brand guidelines. This is a very discerning audience, there are a lot of brands competing for their attention and they expect highly polished content. Our challenge – premium in nature while remaining budget conscious.

Confident that our ultimate brief process would nurture the team through the process, we could rely on our creative ideas and expertise to work collaboratively to develop ideas together for a warm, inclusive and inspirational set, showcasing the products in exactly the right setting to appeal to Kenwood’s target market.

Together with careful storyboarding which ensured we could shoot a range of footage in a single day for maximum output, our client at Kenwood was able to secure internal support and sign-off for the project so things could all run smoothly.

The devil in the detail

The approved idea was a Sunday morning breakfast setup, with the aim of making breakfast time as emotive as possible. This is the day when people take time to enjoy a lazy morning and a more indulgent breakfast. We wanted to evoke a pleasurable, laid-back, weekend feel.

The location was vital to achieving this, so we spent a lot of time sourcing just the right spot – one where the kitchen matched the design elements of the products, where there was plenty of natural light and where we could film easily.

We also thought carefully about the cast. We ran a casting activity with Kenwood, putting a range of audition clips together for the client to look at to help make the right choice. Finally we put together a shot-by-shot storyboard and chose the best equipment and lighting to create the ‘Sunday morning feel’. We also took time over the music choice – music is critical to the feel and style of lifestyle videos.

And then we went to work!

Teamwork before, during and after

We produced 18 separate films from one day’s shooting, giving Kenwood a fantastic range of video collateral to use across their social media channels.

Thanks to our ultimate brief process we delivered the project on time and budget – and with a lifestyle video that ticked all the client’s boxes.

The internal feedback from senior teams was tremendous. They were delighted not just with the look and feel of the videos, but also with the amount of individual assets shot and produced from one day’s shoot.

“We were looking to create something new with this project and add more narrative to a product film. The team did a fantastic job of bringing the vision to life, keeping me up to date at all stages of development. The result was brilliant!”

Bethany Trescothic, Global Trade Marketing Manager