Kings Interhigh Online Learning School – Advert

How-to, Product Demo, Promotional, Social Video

A series of 3 adverts to promote the Kings Interhigh online school

the ad's were lifesyle scenarios to show students that might use the school and highlight the benefits of the online learning platform.

“3 completely different scenarios and 3 different challenging shoots!”

The 3 ad’s were all filmed in different locations with multiple talent and a narrative to demonstrate the flexibility of the online platform. A complex pre-production and props challenge tested the FTH team. The results were 3 highly engaging short ads that were rolled out across a global marketing campaign to attract new candidates. Each of the 3 scenario films were edited to produce a portfolio of assets including:

Widescreen/square & vertical formats for all media platforms + Photography assets


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The Results

The Adverts were rolled out as part of a wider campaign by Kings Interhigh. They were used as paid banner advertising on web platforms.

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