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Company film to show the scale, global presence and capabilities of the organisation.

A 21st Century Update

PolarSeal is a growing and ambitious UK-based company that specialises in manufacturing devices for the medical sector. In 2021, the company turned 40 years old, and wanted a 21st century update to its original corporate video. Things have changed, the business has grown, and it wanted something that would have a great impact – both for employees and for customers.

The Results

So Why Us?

So why us? Well, Shaun says that there were a couple of factors in choosing From The Hip. “You were really responsive to our enquiry,” he says. “You got back to us really quickly and were very friendly and proactive. I felt you understood what we wanted, and we arranged a meeting for the next couple of days. We also thought the videos and information on your website were great. They showed the range of skills that you had, and we could see that you would be able to create the sort of film we were after.”

We love to hear what our clients want to achieve and show them how we can give them a really creative and impactful video for their money.

The Project

“You put people at their ease.”

“We had a basic outline of what we wanted to achieve,” agrees Shaun. “And a few examples of company videos we really liked. But we know 100% that we’re not the experts. So, you basically held our hands through the entire process, giving us suggestions that we took on board. The entire process from that initial meeting right to delivering the video at the end is probably the easiest project I’ve ever worked on.”

That’s great to hear. Part of our job is to make sure there is no additional stress. And that’s particularly important when we’re coming into client’s facilities to film.

“One of our ‘red lines’ was that we wanted all our footage to be original,” says Shaun. “So no stock shots, just our people and our equipment and our approach. We had two separate shoots – one at our main facility and one at our smaller site to capture some extra footage. One of the great things about your approach was that you worked so well around our teams, getting organic footage while people were actually working, rather than staging anything. You really put people at their ease, made the whole thing fun and absolutely didn’t get in the way at all.”

Client feedback

“The video is remarkable.”

“The video that FTH created is remarkable,” says Shaun. “Everybody absolutely loves it, and it was so hard to keep it under wraps until our anniversary arrived. We’ve had brilliant feedback about it and everyone in the business is so proud of it – and proud to be in it.”

From the beginning working with all of you at FTH has been a seamless process. You have been very attentive, very communicative, stepping in when needed, and stepping back when needed. You’ve managed the entire process, making it incredibly easy and stressless, and you put in a lot of time, effort and work to come up with a fantastic product that we as a company are very, very happy with. As a result, we’ll definitely be picking up the phone to you for our next video.”