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As a small business ourselves, we understand why the amount of SMEs approaching us for films for their websites has grown recently. You would only need to be a human with eyes in your head to see the growth of Video online, with Youtube being the second biggest search engine, second only to it’s owner, Google. In many industries, the relentless pursuit for “1st page of Google” is driven by a need for success in their business.  “We want more bookings/sales, more hits on our domain, more interest, bigger brand recognition, ultimately more business.”

However, the reasons for pursuing video are many. Fear is one. Successful, responsive small companies are acutely aware of their competition, and within hotly contested search terms, creating a site that is dynamic and rich is becoming increasingly important to Google.

A recent Econsultancy article titled “Why it’s vital to add video to your marketing mix” says:

“…it’s more than likely that your competitors are using video or will be using it next year. And they’ll be all over the platforms that you are not, reaching out to potential customers that could be yours.”

However, with this in mind, many small companies fall into the trap of being scared of the costs (and process) of having professional video created, and decide to get something done themselves. In the panic to get said “something” online, they miss the fact that poorly created video reflects very badly on companies, small or otherwise. Negative videos are more harmful than no videos – across all business. Check out this example of a film created for a hotel in Bayswater…

The creator has failed to notice that the ominous soundtrack is less than welcoming. I expected one of the shots to include Norman Bates’s Mother…

Now see this example.

We shot a film for Colliers Farm B&B late last year.  They first approached us because their web designer had emphasized the importance of making a good video the first thing people see when they visit their new site. They were having the whole site re-developed in a bid to stay ahead in a competitive market, and they understood that a quality film that reflected the beauty of their property and their passion for it, would create a positive impact on their site and its visitors. Back to the report…

“The video marketing trends report states that 82% of the marketers surveyed said that implementing video content in their marketing strategy had a positive impact on their business or organization”

Video speaks louder than words.




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