Epic Minds Early Intervention in Psychosis team raise psychosis awareness

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. What has that got to do with video production you may be asking? Epic Minds is what. A specialist NHS service that offers tailored treatment to people with episodes of psychosis.

At the start of this year, we were lucky enough to be asked by Preface Studios to produce 3 videos that would share the stories of some of the people who had been treated by the Epic Minds Early Intervention in Psychosis team. We had no idea at the time how powerful these stories would be. Our film crew were left truly inspired. Not only by the individuals who shared their stories, from the heart, in a very honest and open way, but also by the incredibly dedicated health and social care professionals who have enabled the 3 people to achieve their hopes and ambitions in life after psychosis.

Psychosis can cause people to loose contact with reality. It can be scary. Alienating. Confusing. But it is a treatable mental health condition. And it is the team at EpicMinds that provides the road to recovery by offering a range of treatment and support.

Up to 3 people in 100 experience psychosis at some point in their lives. The trigger is unclear. If Luke, Katie or Cathy’s stories can help someone with psychosis realise there is crucial support available, then we’re very pleased to help Epic Minds raise awareness of their service.

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